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Brexit and Food Law Webinar

I was delighted to present a live webinar today (28th January 2021) for MBL Seminars on the subject of Brexit and food law.  I used my experience of practising as a food lawyer in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland to speak about a wide range of topics including; the development of EU food law, the Withdrawal Agreement and the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol, rules applicable to imports and exports of food between Great Britain and the EU (referring to the staged approach in GB – January, April and July 2021 and the continued application of EU food law in the EU 27), changes to food laws in Great Britain for a range of topics such as food information, regulated products (nutrition and health claims and food fortification), products requiring authorisation (for example novel foods) and identification marks. I also discussed some potential developments around regulatory divergence and how to plan for the future.

Thanks go to everyone at MBL for inviting me to speak and in particular to Claire Hamer for all her hard work behind the scenes.

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