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Food Law Enforcement in July 2013 includes a fine of €30,000.00

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has advised that 16 Enforcement Orders were issued during the month of July 2013 (9 Closure Orders and 7 Prohibition Orders). The food businesses in receipt of the Orders included restaurants, take-away establishments, public houses and cash & carry premises.

During July environmental health officers successfully prosecuted the operator of a cash & carry business specialising in African foodstuffs. The prosecution alleged six breaches of the hygiene of foodstuffs legislation and reports indicate that these offences included failing to keep the food premises clean and not having proper provisions for the storage of waste. The business owner pleaded guilty to all the offences and the District Court Judge imposed a fine of €30,000.00.

This is a very substantial penalty and is one of the highest fines imposed for breaches of food hygiene legislation. Whilst it clearly reflects the seriousness of the offences, the fine may also be indicative of a tougher stance against food businesses that fail to comply with food safety and hygiene rules and whose actions therefore put the health and safety of consumers at risk.

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