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Health and Safety in the Healthcare Sector

Workers in the healthcare sector face risks to their health and safety from a number of different sources. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has published several guidance documents on healthcare health and safety issues including; Manual Handling, Tuberculosis – Protecting Healthcare Workers From Workplace Exposure and Health and Safety Management in Healthcare.

The HSA is now asking people involved in the healthcare sector to submit case studies in respect of three main accident triggers involving employees;



  1. manual handling (which incorporates patient handling work activities);
  2. slips, trips and falls; and
  3. work related violence and aggression.


The HSA will publish on its website those case studies that illustrate the best solutions to health and safety issues. By sharing information in this way the aim is to provide practical examples of how to reduce the number of health and safety incidents that affect workers in the healthcare sector.

The call for case studies should be seen as part of the HSA’s  Five Year Plan for the Healthcare Sector 2010-2014 which aims to help the healthcare sector in developing a culture of safety and in reducing injuries and illness among its workforce.

Further information about the case studies can be found on the HSA website at:


Case studies should be submitted to healthcarecasestudies@hsa.ie by Monday 13th August 2012.

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