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Product recalls happen at the most unfortunate time

In the run up to Easter, consumers have been notified of another food recall this time affecting Easter eggs. It has been announced that Nestlé is recalling Kit Kat Chunky Bars and Kit Kat Chunky Easter Egg products due to a small number of reports of little pieces of plastic in the bars.

Nestlé was caught up in the horse meat scandal and had to withdraw some products which contained more than 1% horse meat.

Whilst this is not great news for one of the most recognisable names in the food industry, Nestlé has the resources and wherewithal to take action to repair any damage to its national and global reputation. Smaller food businesses affected by a product recall might struggle to find the time, money and other resources necessary to make good any reputational damage and could face financial ruin if sued for damages arising from the supply of affected food.

Recent events should serve as a warning to all food businesses about the importance of putting in place proper procedures to avoid food crises and to minimise the commercial and reputational damage involved in having to recall one of their products.

Ian Thomas Associates is experienced in matters relating to food safety, traceability, recalls and withdrawals and can help your business avoid the significant consequences of being involved in a food crisis. For further information please contact us at ian@ianthomasassociates.com.

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