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The enforcement of consumer protection law in Ireland

The National Consumer Agency (NCA) has published the latest Consumer Protection List. Between February 2011 and April 2012 the Agency took 130 enforcement actions against businesses for breaches of consumer legislation.

In the above period the NCA successfully prosecuted two businesses for breaching provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 2007, one in respect of providing false information in relation to a vehicle’s mileage and the other relating to charging a higher price than that displayed. The courts imposed fines, costs and a compensation order.

The NCA also issued 43 Compliance Notices pursuant to powers contained in section 75 of the Consumer Protection Act 2007 in respect of traders who charged more for consumer goods than the price displayed.

During the period, 85 Fixed Payment Notices were issued under the provisions of section 85 of the Consumer Protection Act 2007. These Notices related to the following pricing legislation;

  • EC (Requirement to Indicate Product Prices) Regulations, 2002

•     Retail Price (Beverages in Licensed Premises) Display Order, 1999

•     Retail Price (Food in Catering Establishments) Display Order, 1984

•     Retail Price (Diesel and Petrol) Display Order, 1997 and

•     Prices and Charges (Tax-Inclusive Statements) Order 1973

 The Consumer Protection List reveals that businesses across the length and breadth of Ireland were the subject of enforcement action by the NCA.  The traders involved included small businesses as well as large national and international retail chains.

Further information about the enforcement action taken by the NCA and published in the Consumer Protection Lists can be found at http://corporate.nca.ie/eng/About/Enforcement/Consumer-Protection-List/

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