Ian Thomas Associates

United Kingdom

Ian works with clients in Ireland, the UK, Europe and from around the world.

In the UK he is a barrister at 6 Pump Court, Temple, London EC4Y 7AR.

Full details of Ian’s UK practice can be found at https://www.6pumpcourt.co.uk/barrister/ian-thomas/

For examples of his food and beverage work in Ireland and the UK please see here.

Ian is currently instructed in the Public Inquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower, London which occurred on 14th June 2017


Although Covid-19 has been the immediate concern during 2020, Brexit remains an issue for businesses, individuals and regulators.

The United Kingdom has left the European Union is currently (September 2020) in the Transition period. This will end at the end of December 2020 and from 1st January 2021 things could be very different for businesses and consumers.

At present it is unclear whether the UK and EU will come to an agreement about their future relationship. If not, there will be a ‘no deal’ scenario which could have significant consequences for businesses and individuals.

Ian Thomas remains in an ideal position to continue to provide advice to clients on the regulatory requirements in the UK, as a separate entity, and in Ireland which will remain subject to European Union regulations.

Using a single advisor in both jurisdictions has many benefits for clients in that they only have to explain their business, their circumstances and their issues to one person. This avoids unnecessary duplication and reduces client time and resources. This might result in an overall cost saving.

Ian has been asked to advise a multinational food business on the implications of Brexit.

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